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Welcome to

Arizona Grand

Below we have listed our most frequently asked questions as well as the operation status of our dining outlets and amenities.

You may reach our guest services team by texting 602 536 9966 or calling 602 438 9000 at any time.

Property Information


Housekeeping will visit your suite each day to tidy up (remove trash, pick up towels, straighten beds, etc.) and will do a full clean (replace sheets, remake bed fully, exchange towels, etc.) every third day. Guests may text 602.536.9966 to request new towels or trash pickup at any time.


Contact our Valet Services to assist with transportation arrangement 602.438.9000. We do not currently offer complimentary shuttles to and from the resort.

Additional Questions

Should you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page here.

Amenity Information

Oasis Water Park Hours of Operation

Click here to explore our dates and hours of operation.

Oasis Water Park Features & Map

Click here to explore the features Oasis offers and a map of Oasis.

Restaurants on Property

The Marketplace Cafe, Oasis Bar & Grill, Aunt Chilada’s, Lobby Grill, and Lobby Bar are open.
Click here to explore our hours of operations and menus.

Grand Goodies

Our Grand Goodies are available for delivery only. Orders may be placed by texting (602) 536-9966 or calling (602) 431-6519.
To view our current menu, please click here.

Rustler’s Rooste

Click here to view the offerings and hours of operations for Rustler’s Rooste.

Recommended Restaurants

Click here to explore some of our local favorites.

Athletic Club

Our Athletic Club is open.
Click here to view our current hours.

Arizona Grand Spa

Our Spa is open.
Click here for hours of operations and menu of services.

Arizona Grand Golf Course

Our Golf Course is open.
Click here to view course information and to make a tee time.

Steps we have taken to ensure your safety.


  • Each guest suite is thoroughly cleaned by gloved attendants, using CDC-approved cleaning products.
  • Housekeeping will not service any guest suites during your stay. We will, however, deliver any necessary items to you, upon request. Delivery attendants will be wearing protective gloves.
  • CDC-approved cleaning products are used to wipe down door handles, rails and elevator buttons frequently throughout each day.
  • Lobby furniture is lightly misted with Lysol periodically throughout each day.
  • Associates working at the resort may not exhibit any signs of sickness. All who are working have chosen to be here and agree to follow all safety guidelines.


  • We have paused the use of our digital registration card, which required touching an iPad screen.
  • Ongoing education for our associates about maintaining good health and staying home when ill.


  • Social distancing is practiced by all golf associates.
  • Golf carts are regularly sanitized.


  • Industrial power washing of the entire park, using antibacterial soap, every morning.
  • Cabanas are sanitized after each use.
  • Chaise lounge chairs are power-washed daily.
  • Hand sanitizer stations located throughout the park.


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