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Although we can’t shake your hand when you arrive, you will receive our warmest welcome.

Maintaining safe and sustainable hospitality practices is always our highest priority. All Associates are required to wear masks while indoors.  Scroll down to learn more about our cleaning standards.

We’re here for your next journey – whenever you’re ready.

Steps we have taken to ensure your safety.


  • Each guest suite is thoroughly cleaned by gloved attendants, using CDC-approved cleaning products.
  • Housekeeping will not service any guest suites during your stay. We will, however, deliver any necessary items to you, upon request. Delivery attendants will be wearing protective gloves.
  • CDC-approved cleaning products are used to wipe down door handles, rails and elevator buttons frequently throughout each day.
  • Lobby furniture is lightly misted with Lysol periodically throughout each day.
  • Associates working at the resort may not exhibit any signs of sickness. All who are working have chosen to be here and agree to follow all safety guidelines.


  • Signs are posted throughout the resort (Lobby entrance, Golf entrance) to remind guests of social distancing.
  • Front Desk attendants do not touch either your ID or credit card, instead having you present them to us on the counter.
  • We do not re-use guest suite keys from one stay to the next.
  • Credit card machines are wiped down after each use.
  • We have paused the use of our digital registration card, which required touching an iPad screen.
  • Ongoing education for our associates about maintaining good health and staying home when ill.


  • Social distancing is practiced by all golf associates.
  • Golf carts are regularly sanitized.
  • Golfers are offered gloves and Lysol wipes (available while supplies last).
  • To reduce the risk of exposure, sand bottles and rakes have been removed, and pins are now to be left in the hole at all times.
  • Sponges have been placed in each hole to elevate the ball height to reduce contact with the pin and cup.


  • Industrial power washing of the entire park, using antibacterial soap, every morning.
  • Cabanas are sanitized after each use.
  • Chaise lounge chairs are power-washed daily and sanitized repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Gift Shop (enclosed) entrance is closed. Using open-air entrance instead.
  • Bar seating area is closed. All food & beverage is to-go only.
  • Communal water stations have been removed.
  • Hand sanitizer stations located throughout the park.
UPDATED 06.10.20

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