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Wedding 07

To start off, almost every guest of our 99 came up to us to expressed how our wedding was genuinely the most beautiful, memorable and well ran wedding they had ever been to. Tracy and Misty are top notch, on the ball and provided such an amazing service that led our amazing day to being even more beautiful and memorable than we had even dreamed of and we had high expectations!

This was the best meals we have ever had (Period) It has been a month since our wedding and we still see our guests and they comment on how it was the best filet they had ever had! Disclosure, my father is a world renown chef and I am extremely picky with food. That said, my father is beyond picky with food and I was terrified he was going to tell me how much money we had wasted on the food. Well, Chef Tournant Soren Hanson put together a meal that stunned our guests and amazed my father! We know good food and this was nothing short of unbelievable! Words cant describe, sorry 🙂

This was the most expensive en devour we have ever had and it was worth every penny and more, we would do it again in a heartbeat with NO hesitation! I cannot believe how many of our guests, family and friends called us to tell us that was the most fun, most memorable, most beautiful wedding they have ever attended. Nearly every single guest called, wrote or personally came to see us even weeks after the wedding to tell us that is was nothing short of the best they had ever been to!

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Arizona Grand Resort and their staff as they were in control of our most precious day and delivered on all accounts! We were sad to leave and that it was over, what an amazing start to life together!

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